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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Owl vs The Peacock - A Throw Down!

The Owl vs. The Peacock!

Sounds like a kid's story but it's not - this is war!

You see, I love owls and have them scattered throughout my house.

But some people are, dare I say it... are claiming that the peacock is the new owl - but I never got the memo!

So in one corner we have the peacock who struts his brightly colored stuff (a bit cockily I might add)
and in the other corner, the wise old owl with those big eyes and cute hoot!

Let's hear from the peacock.

I may be persuaded to at least entertain this heresy after seeing the amazing peacock mural from The Rooster and The Hen.
And Dana at Circa Dee is in the peacock corner too!
She did make a swoon worthy peacock feather wreath that just may be swaying me (a bit).
Now let's hear the owl's side of the story.

Remember the 70's (picture me in plaid polyester pants with a Toni Tennille haircut) when owls were all the rage?
Well, they're back (if you ignore the pesky peacock) and in a big way!

Here's How I Rock Owls

How could I resist those wide eyes when I spotted this cookie jar at a rummage sale.
An Anthropologie find with the original $98 sticker still attached - I scored it for a mere $4!
A huge chalkboard owl combined with my $3 thrift shop print and my fave mercury glass guy make for a fun mantel.
This decal is one of a parliament of owls (yes, I am a dork and looked up the word for a group of owls)
in the girls bathroom.  Just peel and stick - what's not to love!
Whoooo wants a cupcake - these were simple to make for Halloween (change the colors to pink for a fun Valentine version).
Don't mock my attempt at baking!

Hoots I Heart

Vintage book page owl confetti is so fun!  From ScrapShoppe
West Elm owl lamp.
Owl Love You Forever - can this scrapbook paper owl be any cuter?
I am tempted to put away my Wellies for these cute Target boots!
Spice up your drinks with these vintage swizzle sticks - Etsy
Vintage leather purse - Etsy
Lovin this Etsy dictionary page owl.  
If you're lucky enough to find a real owl feather like Joan at For the Love of a House,
you can can display it in a fun way just like she did!
Now you can have a year worth of cute owls - just print this FREE owl calendar from My Barn Owl.

Ok - now's the time to cast your vote
The Owl or The Peacock?
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