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Friday, October 21, 2011

Super Easy, No Conniption Halloween Decorating

Free candy.  Dressing inappropriately.  What's not to love about Halloween?  Go ahead and bring out your inner slutty nurse or rock star and  have a blast!
Me as Octomom a couple of years ago
So let's get into the holiday spirit with some easy decorating and craft ideas.  I do like an easy craft but will have a conniption if it gets too complicated.  What could be easier than these ideas? 

These Martha Stewart spider silhouettes look so fab on my staircase and can be reused every year - last year they were in my entrance vestibule.  Just remove, put on red blingy eyes and stick.  Everything you need is in the package so there will be no cursing while searching for glue in your junk drawer.  No scissors involved - hooray!
Martha Stewart spider silhouettes on my stairs
Here's a great super easy (I wouldn't do if it wasn't!) spider candleholder craft using twine, pipecleaners and spray paint.  ClickOur Crafty Home for instructions.  This one is definitely on the list to do with my girls.
Spidy votive candleholders from Our Crafty Home
Scoop, scoop, scoop ...  Instead of the endless and messy cleaning of pumpkins, just paint and accessorize.  Lay out some paints, veggies, feathers, yarn, pipe cleaners or whatever crafty supplies you have on hand and go to town.  Here are my girls' creations from Halloweens past.
Painted pumpkins
What are some of your easy Halloween ideas? 

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