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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Milk Glass Collection - It Started Innocently Enough!

As you may have gleaned, I have a collecting problem. If one is good, more is definitely better!  This is best illustrated by my milk glass collection in my dining room (I have 5 amazing collections in this room alone)!
It started innocently enough.  My father in-law gave me a plate (on stand on top shelf).  It sat around in my cabinet for years and I would take it out on occasion to serve dessert.  Then one day, I spotted two white vases. "Gee," I thought, "these would look great filled with flowers on my dining room table".  It spiraled into what you see in the hutch in my dining room.  The white really pops against the dark wood of the hutch.  Some pieces may even have price tags still Sharpied onto them in my haste to get them into the collection right away!  I keep finding pieces so this collection is always changing.

Stay tuned for the dining room tour to see this and my four other cool collections in my house tour series. 

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