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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sugar & S'mores Birthday Party

My babies turned 12 yesterday (I know, you're thinking, she must have had them at a very young age!!) and requested chicken lettuce cups and s'mores for dinner!  Their wish is my command (actually, The Hubs whipped up dinner).  That left me with the fun stuff - decorating.  Balloons, left over Halloween candy, some gift wrap, a little Hello Kitty and vintage pink spaghetti string glasses were all it took to transform our kitchen table into a celebration befitting two twelve year old girls.

The chandelier over the kitchen table is so cool and is perfect for my ever-changing decorating whims!  It is 3 levels of iron with clips attached.  I just removed the previous hangings (poems and song lyrics) and up went balloons onto the clips for the perfect festive light.  
The dreaded leftover Halloween candy is re-purposed as a centerpiece in a glass apothecary jar and the runner is a piece of leftover wrapping paper.  I bought the cute chair slipcovers for the girls 5th princess and knight birthday party and they have become the chairs of honor for every birthday since.  
Grandmom gave us these 1950's pink spaghetti string glasses - she never even used them!  Oh, but I surely will!  Sparkling pink lemonade was the elixir of the night.
After dinner and a frenzied unwrapping of gifts, we feasted on s'mores with our indoor s'more maker.  
The years go by so quickly so I love making great memories and traditions to look back on when I'm drooling all over myself!

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