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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Up in Grandma's Attic!

Having to spend six nights at my mom-in-law's house was an experience in too much family togetherness!  No, but really I am thankful that we had somewhere to go when our power was out.  The girls had a great time playing Monopoly (they found a very old one in the attic) and hanging with their Grandma and great aunt.  They live across the street from each other in houses built by hand by their father (The Hubs grandfather) in the late 20's/early '30's and The Hubs grew up on that street.

One thing is for sure, those gals don't seem to get rid of much.  It was like Christmas morn for me as I dug around this treasure trove of old stuff (junk?!) in the attic and basement. Old school desks, galvanized tubs, sleds, metal beds, trunks, deco chests, ornaments, tools, lamps, toys, family photos (including my wedding pic-gee, thanks for shoving me up in the attic Grandma!)... you name it, Grandma saved it.  I even found WWII ration stamps on her kitchen table complete with family names and signatures!  
I want this amazing trunk and these sleds would be great Christmas decorations (although I already have my old one)
Huge galvanized tub was one of two (I already have one!) and industrial light was found by The Hubs when he worked as an Electrician in the summers with his dad back in the day (my hand looks like E.T.!!)
Love the old metal bed (but the legs sticking out from that bag scare me!!). An old school desk and a great winter snow scene shovel.
A great Cosco stepstool (like the blue one I just found!!) and check out this vintage Florida tablecloth.
Loving that elf playing the accordian! Check out the pic of The Hubs in his 70's tennis whites!
I'm not judging - but just sayin'!! Check out the last thing I found! (these are bottles gifted over the last 40 years)!  May have to have a par-tay!
Grandma!! It isn't prohibition anymore. Why are you hiding the booze in your basement?!
I plan to sneak back without The Hubs so I can smuggle all the loot into my house.  He thinks it's junk but I know better (or I'm crazy-haven't quite figured that one out)! 

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