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Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 - My (Hope to Accomplish) List

I have lots of projects in mind for 2012 but the most dreaded one is (cue the scary music) - cleaning and organizing the basement!  The Hubs says it looks like the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Arc (when they put the arc of the covenant on a shelf in that giant warehouse)!!  

The basement is my number one goal for the year and here are a few others I hope to accomplish (maybe if I write them down, they will become reality)!

1) Clean and organize the basement 
2) Donate or sell all my "had to have at the time but am now over" stuff
2) Find loungy patio furniture (sofa, coffee table, maybe a fire pit)
3) Create a family pic wall
4) Find a bed skirt (long enough) for my bed
5) Drapes in the bedroom
6) Find something amazing to hang over my headboard 
7) Get a kitchen window treatment
8) Hang my daughter's light fixture (she's been staring at a bare light bulb for 2 years)!
9) Paint something fun on the walls in the girls play room
10) Find (or if I am ambitious - do a makeover of) a media console for the girls play room
11) Shelves for the sun room (see the Sun Room Reno here)
12) Make family photo books on Shutterfly (stopped at 2007 - I am way behind)!
13) Plant more in the backyard (hydrangeas are my faves) 

Stopping at 13 cause I like that number (got married on Friday the 13th!).  I'm sure there are lots more that I'm not thinking of right now but a girl can only do so much without completely going over the edge!  

Also, I am excited to start sharing more room tours with the kitchen next on the list (is it wrong to love light fixtures and faucets?).  

Here's to an organized, clutter free 2012!

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