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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Conquering My "Impossible" - Basement Reveal!

Cue the choir music - yes, I hear angels singing!

It's judgement day!  The day of reckoning where I put before you pictures of my basement cleanup.

Our Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge motivated me to finally get cracking on 16 years worth of "stuff" that's accumulated in my basement - now onto the big reveal!

Here's the skinny:

6 packed to the gills trips to the dump
6 trips to the thrift shop
(a bit of bickering between The Hubs and I while suffocating on basement dust bunnies)!
2 1/2 loads to the consignment store
1 carload to a friend
1 barter for an elliptical machine
(a little bit more bickering)!
2 batches of toys for some cute kids
more than a few bottles of wine consumed!

This is a 100+ year old unfinished basement.  It ain't pretty - but I am happy to say it's now clutter free!

The Agony


The Ectasy (kind of!) - Sorted by Season!


Before - "Gym"

Using the term home gym very loosely here!  Not conducive to peace and tranquility (let me use that as my excuse for never coming down here)!

After - Gym

Thanks to a barter with a friend (my giant birdhouse for her elliptical), the gym will be expanding!

Before - Clutter

Donated 3 pieces of luggage and put the rest in big green garbage bags to product from dust.
The piano was The Hubs when he was a kid - we don't play piano - this will be going soon.

After - Decluttered

The cardboard boxes have framed pics ready for hanging on my gallery wall upstairs.  Plastic bins hold my girls school work from over the years.

Before - Whining about Wine Storage


After - Wine and The Hubs!

The Hubs portrait in 70's attire watches over his beloved bottles (what, you think I'm gonna hang that thing upstairs)?!

Before - Disorganized Shelves


After - Shelving Organized & Easy to Reach


Before - This is Where we Hide the Bodies!


After - Let there be Light!

This is what a 100+ year old foundation looks like!  It's aggregate which is a mixture of rocks and concrete.  Not pretty!

Before - Sorting and Purging


After - Good Riddance to the "Stuff"!

Whew, glad that's over (time to raid the wine)!  Next step is painting the floors and walls to eliminate the dreaded dust that keeps appearing.

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