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Friday, January 27, 2012

More Fabulous Finds and a Complete Surprise!

It started off like any other estate sale.  Some great vintage finds included a small globe bank (you know I collect globes, among other things!), some more fab mason jars with zinc lids, a small galvanized tub with handle and an old wire bin.  
More mason jars with zinc lids, wire basket and vintage globe bank
Just another ordinary day - until I turned the corner into the back room.  Were my eyes deceiving me - an indoor in-ground pool!  Surrounded by a bar, fireplace and old wooden totems - there were probably some serious key parties back in the day!  
A Grotto in the 'burbs!
This probably explains the strange thing I found in the bedroom - "The Super Kegal".  A cross between a medieval torture device and a Suzanne Somers Thigh Master, it's something every gal needs.  I vehemently deny purchasing this thing - pics only!
The Super Kegal!

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