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Friday, February 3, 2012

A New Way to Let's Get Together - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!

Have you heard, Google Friend Connect (GFC) is disappearing into thin air on March 1.  Don't worry, there's a new gal in town - Linky Followers is a new way to keep track of your favorite blogs and it's FREE and it's not just for bloggers!
  • View the blogs you follow
  • Read follower posts
  • Group your followers
  • Mark your favorites for quick access and viewing
Since GFC doesn't want to party anymore, I say we all get a new party started with Linky Followers!  Check out my sidebar below my picture to find the Linky Tools icon.  Just click to join - it's simple!  Then, I'd love you to follow me.
Click here to follow this blog and view my other followers...
Ok, so you've been invited so there will be no wallflowers here!  Join, let me know when you put your Linky Followers widget up (if you have a blog) and I will happily follow you back!  

Let's not lose each other in the shuffle!

This may not be the next Y2K (visions of armageddon!) but since I don't want to lose you when GFC disappears, if you do currently follow me through GFC, please switch to 
Linky Followers or 
get a FREE email subscription (sign up on my sidebar) delivered to you whenever I have new words of wisdom! or 
join me on Facebook

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