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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Estate Sale Bargains on Last Day

It's a contradiction.  If you want the best selection, you should go to flea markets and estate sales on the first day.  But if you wait until the last day, there are great bargains to be had. 

My partner in crime, Lisa, told me about an estate sale on Saturday morning but she said she couldn't go.  I ran over there and saw a cool set of vintage bamboo furniture.  We had just found her a bamboo sofa at a yard sale about a month ago and I knew she would love the chairs and ottoman.  I saw some things I liked but left without buying anything. 
Lisa (check out her favorite find) decided to go the next day to see the furniture and I tagged along because there were a few things that were still calling to me (yes, sometimes I hear voices in my head - doesn't everyone?).  While looking at the furniture, a man said, "$50 takes everything".  Yesterday, the sofa, chairs and ottoman alone were four times that!  He even threw in two end tables and a great 1950's kitchen table.  We decided to leave the cushions as they were quite repulsive (think they were filled with heavy horsehair)! 

There was a huge dumpster on the driveway and lots of things that were in the house the day before were now sitting on the front lawn.  I knew if things didn't sell today, they were headed for that dumpster.  In fact, I asked the guy working the sale if they were going to donate the leftovers and he said it was easier to dump everything!  What a waste. 

So, like Sanford and Son, we crammed Lisa's van to nearly bursting and headed home.
Lisa's finds - some new cushions and the furniture will look great on that huge porch!
Usually I say, if you see something you like, grab it immediately.  But in this case, waiting definitely paid off for me too as I got a great 1950's blue metal Cosco chair/stepstool (which I need for reaching my super high kitchen cabinets), a blue metal basket, six old Japanese glass fishing buoys, a wooden shoe last and an old Ouija board for the kids. 
My haul
Stay tuned for the sunroom and kitchen tours where I plan to put some of these finds.   

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