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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Coincidence? Destiny? Stalking? Call it whatever you like but something very cosmic happened today.

As I was driving down the road, minding my own business, I spotted a pile of castoff stuff on a busy street in front of someone’s house.  Naturally, I u-turned and went back to investigate.  As I was making my way towards the pile, cars zipping by, I heard a beep and someone yelling. I turned to find The Hubs driving by while screaming out the window, “Just Leave It There!”. Then, like the Loch Ness Monster, he disappeared.

With pulse racing from being scared *#$%less, I hauled two things that looked promising into my car and sped away. Immediately, I called The Hubs (on my Bluetooth of course) and we laughed til it hurt.

On top of a good laugh, which is one of my favorite things, I also got two great freebies!  This great blue metal console will look fantastic on my patio (or maybe inside, haven't decided yet) once I have a piece of marble cut for the top (I go straight to the fabricator). The cute Italian marble top table had a ton of grime but cleaned up nicely.
Great blue metal console table - just needs a marble top
Italian marble topped table. Great height for holding The Hubs' speaker
Great finds, but I was now in somewhat of a pickle.  How would I smuggle my loot past The Hubs. Oh come on, we’ve all been there!  Although he encourages my crazy junking habit, I know it drives him a bit nuts when I keep lugging more stuff into the house.  My saving grace was having the perfect spot for the Italian table. The Hubs had been after me for ages to buy a table to elevate one of his speakers so he could have optimal listening pleasure.  His wish finally fulfilled, hopefully he’s been converted to my junking lifestyle – well a girl can dream!

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