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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Funky Art Find

Hi everyone!  My town is a bit of a disaster area with downed tree limbs everywhere and almost a week without power.  So we moved into Grandma's house and the kids have had no school for the past four days (talk about quality bonding time)!  Still without power (typing this at libarary) but will hopefully be back home this weekend where I will share my fun finds in Grandma's attic - I don't think she ever throws anything out!

Until then, check out my great estate sale find from last week. 

Walking into the last room of an estate sale, I was thinking that coming here had been a complete waste of time.  Then I spotted it, like the mystical white elephant, it sat neglected in the corner.  I snatched up my $10 find hoping my daughter would approve of it for her room.  It's a 3-D piece of art and who knows who created it (maybe even a student project!) but it's unique and since I did get the stamp of approval from my daughter, will look great hanging over her dresser.  
3-D art
The many layers project from the canvas
You'll see this hanging in her room on an upcoming House Tour of the girls rooms.

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