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Friday, November 11, 2011

Thanks Banner With Vintage Silver

I broke out my huge scrapbook paper supply and was contemplating making a Christmas banner when my daughter said she wanted to make one for Thanksgiving to hang near the kids table.  "Great idea!" I told her, so she debated on what the banner should say (Thanks was the winner since she decided Happy Thanksgiving and Give Thanks were way too long and a block letter G would be too hard to draw)!  Next, she chose six autumn colored papers and started cutting (no measuring, just started snipping away)!  After a few minutes, she got pretty bored and ended up watching me make the cuts and eventually left me alone while she snuck into the other room to watch tv!  Hey - how did her craft turn into my project?! 

After the letters were cut out, I strung a clothesline (from the dollar store) that reminds me of bakers twine on an old wooden board above the back door.  Then I clipped the letters on using old wooden clothes pins and added vintage silver spoons and a creamer and sugar set.  The silver adds some nice bling and using spoons and serving pieces is perfect for the foodie day!
Thanks Banner with Vintage Silver
Tarnished Silver Bowl
Old blue wooden board hangs above the back door - the perfect spot for a Thanksgiving banner
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