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Friday, January 20, 2012

Up for the Challenge - They're Doing What!

Thrilled that so many of you decided to roll up your sleeves and join our Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge!  The "impossibles" run the gamut from organizing to fixing an irrigation system for 2 chickens (Henny & Penny)!

Check out their progress by clicking on their names:
Kelly (me!)
Andrea at The Cottage Market
Karah at The Space Between
Kari at Thistlewood Farm
Linda at It All Started With Paint
Stacey at A Sort of Fairytale
Kristi at Addicted 2 Decorating has a big challenge ahead of her!  She plans on getting her list of half completed projects in her hallway and utility closet done.  Paint, tiling, grouting, adjusting doors, concealing her washer/dryer, organizing, fixing a light fixture ... Whew, I am exhausted just typing this!  Can't wait to see the finished product. Click here to read more about Kristi's challenge.
Dana at Cooking at Cafe D is turning her kitchen into a Jimmy John's.  Being from NJ, I had no idea what a Jimmy John's was but have learned it's a retro styled (think red and black tile) restaurant.  Dana loves it so much, she even had her rehearsal dinner there!  Will she choose red paint (even though it makes people eat more)?  Will she get it done in time?  To find out, click here to read more.
In case you think this challenge is just about home renovation and organization, think again!  Linda at Fingers in the Dirt is helping her girls, Henny and Penny (yes, they are chickens!), by fixing the damage their beaks have inflicted on the drip irrigation system.  Will Linda successfully handle tubing, fittings, and bleeding drip lines?  For the sake of Henny and Penny, I sure hope so or those chicks may end up on Linda's stove top!  
Brooke at Get Outta My Head Please said that our challenge was just the jump start she needed to get her craft office moved from upstairs into her basement.  With who knows what piled who knows where, Brooke certainly has a big project on her hands but I know she'll come up with something amazing.  Click here to read more about Brooke's craft office.   
Here's a good one - Melody at Willoughby House has a goal of writing her first blog post and learning to link up to our Jan 31 link party!  With the looks of that great logo, she's off to a great start!  
Juanita at Little Juan on the Prairie is moving - yikes - and she needs to get her house in tip top shape.  She's a busy gal and wait until you see how she transformed her piano!  Check in to see her progress here
Rita Joy at Harbour Breeze is making over her dingy basement.  She's painting cement and installing lighting (and putting my basement to shame)!  Check in with her here.

Want to learn more about the Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge - click here.  Mark your calendars for January 31 when we will host a multi blog link party for you to show off your Impossibles that became Possible!

Hurry, there's still time to join the challenge - leave a comment letting me know what you're tackling.

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