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Monday, January 23, 2012

Going to a Better Place - Operation Basement Reorg Continues!

Every morning (well, not every), I wake up and happily (ok - grumpily) trek down into my dark, dreary basement to get moving on the cleanup.  Hours later, I emerge into the light with dry, gritty eyes and my contacts covered in dust!  It's a dirty job but since nobody else is going to do it - that leaves me!

Status Report:  I am happy to announce that not only do I have one decluttered corner, but I have donated 4 carloads to the thrift shop, taken 5 trips to the dump and some goodies have found new homes with friends!
I also traded this huge birdhouse and two roosters (tried to get her to take more but that's all she had room for) to my pal Eebie who blogs on EV (click here), for her unwanted elliptical!  I'll have the hottest bootie in town and she'll have the best housed birdies!
My friend Renee took home a carload of goodies for her pad makeover that we've been working on.  There's even a table stuffed back there and that basket is loaded!
This huge mirror was in the house when we bought it and we rescued it from the demo and stored it down in the basement.  It's been languishing down here, turned backwards and forgotten.  Gonna clean it up and lug it upstairs to my bedroom!  
This is just wrong - the contents of a junk drawer has been moved from house, to house!  It was like opening the sarcophagus of an Egyptian mummy.  The fun (sensing my sarcasm?) part was sifting through everything.  Yippie, so much change at the bottom until I realized they were mostly Chuck E Cheese coins!  
The best thing about going through all those long forgotten boxes is finding some blasts from the past like this picture we had taken in Vegas before we were married.  Please note, that is not our hair (although The Hubs does look a bit like Pauly D)!
Update:  See the big basement reveal here!

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It's almost Jan 31 - mark your calendars and make sure to stop by to see what everyone has accomplished at our multi blog link party!  We will be featuring your accomplishments the following week too!  Click here for the deets.

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